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Kimberly Armstrong is a Mighty Woman of God

God Says Finally!

From Kimberly about Her New Book:

As you advance in the Kingdom of God, the flesh must yield to the Spirit.

It is in this moment that God says, “Finally you can move forward in Christ! You are in it for My glory and not for any other reason. Enjoy your journey. Your Finally is finally here!”

There here have been times when I've asked if my wilderness experience would come to an end. Each time, my Faith in Jesus never left me, and my Anchor, Jesus, never gave me any reason to give up.

My newest book, God Says Finally!, will allow you to find your foothold in Jesus. He will become your anchor in all things.

This journal-style book filled with Kimberly's insightful and heartfelt Faith Morsels based on Biblical Truth will encourage you and bring you closer to God.

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