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Includes Cask, a novella!

The Electric Minute

Volume 5

The Game of the Century - This is baseball on a galactic scale. Care to make a bet?

The Sky Bridge - Walking the sky is the only way to prove your bravery.

Super Hero High - What's normal . . . when everyone has a superpower?

The Children - What happens when the "smart" world begins to outthink us?

Sky Dreams - If I wake up here, am I still alive down there?

Jam Session - The best party-goers are those who only come out at night.

The Field Trip - Do the walls keep them out . . . or us in?

Cask (a novella) - There are worse things than crash landing on a distant world.

Plus 10 more amazing tales from a master of speculative fiction.

Look for Volumes 1-4 and Volume 6, out now!

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