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If you've ever been disappointed in your summer, you need this book.

Making Summer Count

Hints for Your Best Summer Ever

A Note from Diane:

Summer can be the best time of your year.

Admittedly, it can also provide pitfalls that will scramble every plan you’ve put into place.

How does this happen every year? Summer is something out of our regular pattern of school, work, and weekends, and we look forward to having fun so much that we forget the little chuckholes that always appear without warning.

By then, it’s too late to apply the brakes, and our plans are jostled sideways. In the worst cases, we veer totally off the road.

Making Summer Count is a roadmap of sorts. I’ve assembled reminders and suggestions that say, “This is a chuckhole you can avoid. Here’s advance warning. Take care, and this can be your best summer ever.”

So take time to look at the table of contents. See where you think you could use some pointers, and read what I have to offer. Some sections are longer than others (showing you where I’ve dodged chuckholes in the past), but every hint is bound to provide an option for someone to make their summer better.

I know you will think of things I haven’t covered, so at the back of this book, I’ve provided space to write in your own hints to making your summer count. Come October, slip this book onto a shelf, ready to pull out next April. With your personal hints added to mine, every year your summer will get better and better. You will make each summer count, and it will be your Best Summer Ever.

Topics I've included are:

End of School


Pool Time

Kid Friendly Zone

Just Off the Grill

Around Town

On the Road

Taming the Electric Bill

Yard Perfect

Your Summer Hints (for you to add hints of your own)

You will find something you can use in this book each day all season long!

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