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Fluff. That's all our dog is. Ten pounds wet, and less once he dried.

Life Lessons I Learned from My Dog

In this book, you will come to love Lil' Dude as much as we do.

Lil’ Dude has traveled from Maine to Galveston, hiked mountains in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, and played on the sand of the Outer Banks off the North Carolina coast. He’s romped in Colorado snow and moved across the country to a home as new to him as it was to us.

This is Lil’ Dude’s story, of the lessons we’ve learned from him as he’s grown from a two-pound puppy into a ball of fur that will challenge all comers if he thinks his territory is being invaded.

Life Lessons I Learned from My Dog includes two popular books in the Lil’ Dude series: Paws in the Sand (Book One) and Pineapple Treats (Book Two).

Join in this journey in the following chapters:

1. It’s Not Who Gets the Toy

2. Cute Isn’t Defined in the Dictionary

3. It’s Okay to Hide Behind Someone

4. Take Little Bites

5. You Can Sleep on the Back of the Sofa

6. It Doesn’t Matter What People Call You

7. Keep Your Toys Clean

8. Just Because It Tastes Good Doesn’t Mean You Can Keep It Down

9. Bring a Toy When You Want to Play

10. Hide in Your Opponent’s Lap

11. Don’t Let Anyone Grab Your Feet

12. Hold on with Both Paws

13. Don’t Run on the Ceramic Tile

14. Some Steps Are Just Too Steep

15. Always Bark

16. Stay Off the Sofa If You Can’t Get Up by Yourself

17. You Can Be Brave on Your Side of the Fence

This book will capture your heart and imagination.

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