The Electric Minute Cover Vol 4 Full V1 Reduced for Webpages

All new stories you won't believe!

The Electric Minute

Volume 4

Borrowed Time - What if someone could sneak in and steal minutes from your day?

A Credit to the Company - All the drones fall from the sky, and you're the last resort.

The Caretaker's Ghost - Who better to care for the dead than someone who's already there?

The Vault - Hostage or thief? It all depends on your point of perspective.

Trying Out Titan - What will you trade to live another few hundred years?

Shopping Trip - Shopping is an adventure, one that you risk your life for.

Lady Luck - Lady Luck can help you win, but can she help you keep it?

Glass Slippers - What happens when every book you read comes to life?

Plus 22 more amazing tales from a master of speculative fiction.

Look for Volumes 1-3 and 5-6, out now!

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