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Read this exciting story of one man's relevatory relationship with Jesus!

Facing Down My Giants


WHY SHOULD YOU read this book?

Hmm, I asked myself why I should write it! I write to you because I love you.

I love people.

I’m very concerned that addiction, suicide and pornography issues are not being talked about in a matter-of-fact way.

We’re stuck in political correctness, and that doesn’t mean it’s correct. We need solutions and answers. Neither we nor our children have time for games.

Today is the time, right now, for us to find HOPE. I will give you assurance, FACTS not FICTION; we will discuss a REAL plan of VICTORY!

I will disclose secrets of addiction that will surprise you. I will also give you truth and answers about addictions of all forms. I will not only give you hope, but I will guarantee you insight into the realities of addiction.

People hide their addictions due to pride, and the real solution to this problem is rarely discussed.

Listen to me carefully. One in four people (25% of Americans) will suffer with addiction in their lifetime. This doesn’t include family members riding the roller coaster with the addict.

This book will give you the truth about addictions and a one-on-one insight into the thinking of people with hurts, habits and hang-ups. The good news I will share with you in these pages is a recovery program like no other, one that will set you free from any hurt, habit or hang-up you may have!

This is the story of my life, and to make it an open book for the world to see is vital for your understanding. You will learn the things that have happened to me and my feelings and emotions along the way.

The things I will share with you are to give you hope, so that you will fully find yourself or someone you know in the story. I am going to share with you how this poor farm boy with a genius level IQ turned into a Corporate America one-percenter making well into six figures.

I was an atheist who became a victim of addiction, was shot in the head with a 9-millimeter, suffered jaundice, renal failure, overdoses, 3 suicide attempts, and was declared clinically dead twice (some say 3 times). I tried Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.), Narcotics Anonymous (N.A.) and Celebrate Recovery. Not even psychology or psychiatry made a difference.

My family had given up and, yes, even the counselors had given up. To tell the truth, I had given up. All I wanted to do was die. I tried, really tried, and even failed at that. I had given up on killing myself. I lost businesses, had two failed marriages and survived ten years being homeless.

At age 19 I started selling real estate, bought three homes, a Mercedes and a BMW, and entered Corporate America as the youngest general manager with a 68-year-old Fortune 100 company (approx. 9000 employees) at age 26.

In 18 months, I achieved the Manager of the Year out of 378 managers being mentioned in the Wall Street Journal, making $197,000 and a six-figure income year after year.

I had become a one-percenter, and I lost it all, the houses, Harleys, boats, Rolex and Cuban cigars that had become my way of life . . .

This is my story, and it will change your life forever!

Published by Clay Worrell Ministries.

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