Garlands of Peace Front Cover for Web Insertion

Three touching tales of pain and reconciliation!

You will be entranced, and you will be amazed at what can come from the human heart.

Abbot's Farm

Marantha Talley's husband is killed in the War Between the States. She's carrying his child with no prospects for a husband, until the local minister and Maddie's mother set her up with a farmer with three young children.

Maddie doesn't want to marry him, but what choice does she have? She must make peace with her future if she wants to survive.

The Good Fight

Jacob Hale is imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit. When he's absolved of the crime, his father is dead, and his good name is sullied forever.

Jacob returns home to discover he's inherited a substantial holding. He's willing to trade it all for his good name back again, but he finds it's not that easy. Can he find peace with his hometown?

The Law and Miss Eliza

Eliza Jennings is a child forced to become a woman when raiders overrun her family farm, kill her father, and leave her for dead.

More horror follows when she discovers she's in the family way. Not only is she damaged goods, but the townsfolk will talk. Her aunt and uncle have a solution. The sheriff is young and single. Now if they can get him to go along with their plan, Eliza can know peace once more.

Garlands of Peace will touch your heart.

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