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The most helpful series to come along in decades!

Power Confessions: Volume Two

The second of three books in this series, one that will change who you are in Christ.

In Volume Two, Mr. Dunn presents three dynamic areas vital to helping you overcome in your Christian life.

Being an Overcomer

Life doesn't have to beat us down. We can walk each day in success. This set of 44 Power Confessions will be your stepping stone to a new life in Christ, one filled with day after day of overcome wonder in His majesty.

Finding Power in Him

Weakness isn't part of the Word of God. Our power and strength flow from the hand of God, and it's ours to command against the devil. These Power Confessions will make all the difference.

Resisting the devil through the Word

Christ defeated the evil one. We are redeemed by the blood He shed on the cross. The devil has no power over us. These Power Confessions will stay with you throughout the day, and they will lift you up.

You will find four months of daily Power Confessions, 132 in all, between the covers of this book. They will change your life.


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