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Hope is what makes life worth living.

Without it, we can come crashing down, no matter the size of our bank account or the car we drive.

We must find our source of strength.

In “Apple Babies, Rosy and Red,” we find God sets us off-limits to the devil.

In “Getting Our Beauty Rest,” we can rest securely in the presence of Jesus.

“No Stone Too Great” says we may be trapped, but Jesus sets us free.

“Reaching for God in the Stars” is our call to think bigger than our limited view.

“Thinking Happy Thoughts” motivates us to access the power of positive thinking. It’s how we look at life that makes it worth living.

Finding our source of strength in God gives us a reason for moving forward each day. He provides purpose in our lives.

Let’s move toward God, for in him, our hope is assured, and we’ll have the strength to face our problems. With our Lord at our side, we’ll overcome them with joy to spare.

With 27 life-changing, scripture-based essays to bring hope into your life, you will be changed when you read this book.

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