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An engaging Christian romance from an exciting new writer!

True Heart Reunion

Volume 3 in the engaging set of novels, The Reunion Series

Rosemary Bruton moved on from her past forty years earlier. Her pocket Bible tells of her newfound faith in Christ, and not even the upcoming class reunion can shake her belief in a trustworthy God.

Meeting Thorn Wilder at the airport throws a twist into her plans when he unexpectedly kisses her in the middle of the concourse. It's been decades since they've seen one another, and forty years is too soon for Rose.

Jenny Carlton, Rosemary's best friend, has a different view. She remembers them from high school, and if there is one thing she's certain of, every Rose needs her Thorn.

As the reunion draws closer, Rose clings to her faith to buoy her crumbling self-confidence when Thorn seems to be everywhere. Will his ardent attention turn into the prick of love, or will Rose snip his affections forever?

True Heart Reunion is a Christian romance safe for all ages to read.


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