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God has established our family as our basis for our self-worth and ongoing self-care system.

Our family is our fortress against the world. When we are battered by what life brings against us, our redoubt is unearthed in the people who are most closely bonded with us.

Our family.

It’s important to learn to live in harmony with those we love, to tweak our relationships until we can coexist in the peace found only through Jesus, our spiritual advisor, example and king. We must first submit to God, then we can take care of each other. We can weave love into our lives and fall in love with each other all over again.

It’s our reason for relationship, to love and support one another.

Let’s get straight with God, hold in our anger when times get rough, and know that through the care we’ve shown them, we’ve paid the highest honor to the ones we love.

We’ll receive God’s vote of approval when we do.

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