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Over 300 life hacks that will make survival your keyword of the day!

Life Untangled: Living Better by Living Easier

A handy resource for getting through life's trouble spots!

In my first book, Organizing Your Home Office for a More Successful You, my ideas came from my life experience, first as a teenager working in the local mall to managing the front desk of an international business. The response has been overwhelming, and I’ve returned to an idea I’ve toyed with for many years.

We all deserve to live better, and that means to live easier, to breeze past everyday snags, and to find the good in every day. How do they say it? Hindsight is 20/20. That means if we could live by what we knew would happen, we could avoid the pitfalls along the way.

This book is filled with years of life’s hacks and shortcuts, many of which I’ve used to my advantage. Some of these you’ll have seen before and others you may not. I’ve collected over 350 snippets of advice sorted across 18 topics, from Working Outside the Home, to Where Are Your Manners, to Life in the Kitchen.

Each person’s circumstances in life are different, and you’ll face things that haven’t come my way. I’ve included a section in the back of this book for you to log your own helpful hints to untangling life.

Enjoy my helpful hints, and may your life become better as you put these suggestions into play.


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