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A Bible you'll read over and over!

My Personalized Devotional Bible

With more than 10,000 personalizations, including your name inserted nearly 6,000 times!

This devotional King James Red Letter Edition Bible is personalized through Savior Connect Inc. with verses, parables, and selected stories modified for each individual purchaser.

My Personalized Devotional Bible includes both the Old and New Testaments. Reading the familiar stories and passages with your name inserted directly into the text will bring the Bible alive in a way that's never been possible before.

With more than 10,000 personalizations in the full Bible, including your name inserted nearly 6,000 times, this Bible will become a treasured part of your devotional experience.

Available in digital format (searchable, printable, interactive PDF) and print by special request. Only want a custom-printed New Testament? We can do that. Including Psalms and Proverbs? Also available. We even offer a large print New Testament, with or without Psalms and Proverbs. Custom name embossing on the cover (in gold or silver) at no extra charge on print versions.  


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Old and New Testament Digital PDF - FREE!

Looseleaf Printed New Testament - $59.99 (plus shipping)

Available exclusively through Savior Connect Inc. at

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