The Electric Minute Cover Front V3

Whatever Happened to the FLASH in Everyday FICTION?

The Electric Minute

Volume 1

The Newly Undead - A winning hand at poker that wasn't quite what he expected.

Second Chances - Is your first love always lost forever?

Passing Time - A cemetery that isn't quite what it seems.

The Witching Hour - What happens when the past doesn't play out like you planned?

Catching Her Eye - Can a painting fall in love?

Birds of Pray - How does it feel to be the ultimate sacrifice?

Glitter - A butterfly dies to gift new life to a dead girl.

Survivor List - What if you look at the list, and you're not on it?

Plus 22 more amazing tales from a master of speculative fiction.

Also look for Volumes 2-6, ready for your reading pleasure.

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