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A motivational book that will change your life!

Success-Speak: The Art of Maximizing Your Potential Through What You Say

Success happens because we make it happen.

Theis Journal Edition gives you each of the quotes from the original plus room to write your daily goals, plans, and thoughts.

Are you stuck in a low-paying job?

Does your lack of business skills frustrate you?

Is just getting out of bed so hard you want to give up?

Speak these three words: I will succeed.

That's your starting position to achieve success from this day forward.

This life-manual gives you motivational Success-Speak jump starters for every day of the year. Read them when you first wake, consider how to apply the truths to your day, and write down your daily goals right in this book.

You can't go wrong if you truly want to find success in your life.

**376 pages jam packed with motivational sayings, one for each day of the year!**

Success-Speak will take you where you want to go.

Steven Dunn is a successful entrepreneur in the field of computer technology. He lives on the East Coast and enjoys spending time with his small dog, Lil' Dude, and his aquatic turtle, Bob.

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