God Renews Our Relat Cover for Kindle vol 3

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We never know the importance we have in others’ lives.

It’s only in the after-moments, when we can see things with hindsight, that our true significance comes into perspective. A story told, or a letter written, reveals emotions (for good or for bad) that have affected those we’ve been in contact with over the days of our lives.

What legacy do we want to leave? What’s the impact on the lives of those we’ve lived among that we want them to remember? Kindness cannot be a one-off experience. We can’t choose to be moody today and cheerful tomorrow, because those who cross our path will remember the moody as well as the cheerful. We can’t simply erase one with the other. We must live each day as if it’s the only one that matters, because to the people we see between that sunrise and sunset, it’s the only day we have to offer. What we do in those hours is what they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

“God’s Crystal River” tells us that God’s purity is revealed in our love for others.

“Harnessed for the Lord’s Work” reveals that love, not harsh words or criticism, is how we bring others to Christ.

“The Sons of Thunder” says we can be superheroes when we step out in the authority of our Lord and Savior.

Plus enjoy 23 more inspirational essays to help you lead a fulfilling Christian life.

Every day we touch the lives of the people around us. Every day, we need to let the Lord reveal his compassion through our actions toward them.

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