The Ferry Waits for No Man

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30 tales that bring the Outer Banks to life!

The Ferry Waits for No Man

Tales of Coastal Carolina and the Outer Banks

30 stories about the places you love

Shell Castle Rock, swallowed by a storm.

Ocracoke Island and its 200-year-old lighthouse.

Chicamacomico Life-Saving Station, the first one.

Diamond Shoals Lightship, torpedoed by a German U-boat.

Cape Hatteras Light, built to impress.

Find people who've inspired you.

Keeper Benjamin B. Dailey, fighting the sea.

Surfman Rasmus Midgett, a legend among life-savers.

Cap'n Unka Jennette, a lifetime of lighthouse service.

Captain J.B. "Toby" Tillett, a barge-and-tug ferryman.

T.A. Baum, where the NC ferry system began.

Uncover stories that will fascinate you.

Hawkins' Zouaves, out to win a war.

USS Huron, all hands lost at sea.

The Bluejacket's Manual, a story of the U.S. Navy.

RMS Titanic, reaching out to Hatteras Weather Station.

Aleta, the Ocracoke Mail Boat, the lifeline of Ocracoke Island.

Plus 15 more stories. If you've traveled the east coast of North Carolina, you'll recognize many of these names and places. If you haven't, this is your chance to immerse yourself in a land that's captured people's imaginations for hundreds of years.

If you ever plan to visit the Outer Banks of NC, you need this book in your hand. 

Get it today.

An amazing blend of facts and imagination that will keep your interest.

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Cooking as Life

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Find Annie's Recipes Inside!

Cooking as Life

The Story of Annie Myrtle Swartz and Her Excellent Cooking Pot

Cook to Live.

Live to love.

Love to cook.

Annie's motto was to take what life offered you and don't look back.

That's how she lived, as wife, mother, and grandmother.

Annie didn't take no for an answer. She might not have the luxuries,  but she had what she needed most.

Annie had her excellent cooking pot, and from it, she ladled out love to anyone who stopped by her house.

Annie was my grandmother, and from her I learned that when life's not fair, your favorite recipes are your bulwark against the world.

This is Annie's story of cooking, of loving, and of the excellent life she lived.

Get it today.

An amazing story of a life well loved.

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